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The Blue Rocket

Two and half years of too frequent service visits to a Finnish BMW dealer (Laakkonen Espoo) with my E60 M5 was enough on my nerves. BMW’s motto might be "Sheer Driving Pleasure", but for me it was really annoying to have the car at repair for several times for more than 3 weeks at once. It was definitely time to get back to VAG Tribe.

Before I got lost to the ///M harem I had a slightly modified Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro Avant (B7) which I really enjoyed. It was time to get something similar, maybe little bit faster...

Finally on May 2010 my new car arrived after two months of waiting, Sprint Blue Audi S4 Avant S-Tronic! Modifications done to my previous A4 delivered straight vision to my mind what should be done to the S4 before our traditional trip to Nürburgring in the beginning of July.

First modification was 9x20" rims (@ ET35) provided by with 255/30-20 Michelin PilotSport 2 tires. Car was stock equipped with adjustable dampers so all I needed was to find good set of lowering springs. However, I have always disliked sport springs that set rear of the car lower than the front. Luckily, KW provided a set of height adjustable springs which allowed setting up the car with good stance! Front is lowered -30mm and rear few millimeters less.

Few exterior modifications were applied. First new "Liquid Metal" door blades to replace original Sprint Blue ones and then the mandatory window tints.

Last but not least was exhaust. I wanted to replace four OEM pipes with something different, so I ordered oval rear silencers and straight X-pipe from quite well known manufacturer, Supersprint.
During the annual trip to Nürburgring I fell in love with the car. It showed its bests on the Autobahns and on B-routes when moving people between various places. Not forgetting the enjoyable traditional road trips to Köln, Cochem, or picking up people from the nearest airports :)

Currently, I am interested about little bit bigger rear spoiler and different type of rear diffuser but haven't been able to find any good ones yet. However, I am quite satisfied with the setup so it may well be that I will just stick with it for now :)

  • Engine: 2995cc 6-cyl
  • Powertrain: 7-speed / AWD
  • Weight: 1755 kg
  • Power: 333 hp (5500 rpm)
  • Torque: 440 Nm (2900 rpm)
  • Power/ton: 190 hp/ton
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