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The ultimate cure

So far I can remember, I´ve always gotten my kicks out of speed. In 2007, as I accompanied Esu in Stuttgart factory collection, I knew that that particular trip would cost me a lot - sooner or later. One could also say that the cure for a dicease called need4speed was found.

in summer 2008 with help of other carholics we found a "ready set" (in Kyosho terms) in the USA. The purchase decision was pretty much immediate.

The car is juiced and tuned for tracks - it is at it´s best at Nordschleife. However, it´s still a daily work horse - if the race-clutch does not count!

There is no substitute - who ever came up with this phrase, has earned every Deutsch Mark he/she got from inventing it.

  • Engine: 3600cc 6-cyl, turbocharged
  • Powertrain: 6-speed manual / AWD
  • Weight: 1569 kg
  • Power: 420 hp (6000 rpm)
  • Torque: 560 Nm (2700 rpm)
  • Power/ton: 268 hp/ton
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