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The public display

After selling my dear Mini Cooper S (yet another garage car sold inside the cf-family) it was clear to me that the next car had to be even more special. Well, to be honest it was not clear at all. I considered everything from a used cheap car to a new diesel powered daily driver, mostly trying to justify my needs to myself. But eventually a carfreak has to do what a carfreak has to do, to buy the car you want.

So here I am behind the wheel of a Z4 Roadster, and I'm loving every minute. The car has undergone some minor (but much appreciated) modifications such as clear rear- side- and headlights and the Eibach Pro Kit springs which work surprisingly well with the M-sport suspension. I'm still on the OEM wheels and the runflats produced by satan, but this will soon be corrected.

  • Engine: 2979cc 6-cyl
  • Powertrain: 6-speed manual / RWD
  • Weight: 1365 kg
  • Power: 231 hp (5900 rpm)
  • Torque: 300 Nm (3500 rpm)
  • Power/ton: 169 hp/ton

Behind the wheel

Lauri He's a multimediageek who likes to play with tehcnology, and producing photos, video and web. Tries to be a perfectionist, hates himself when he fails. Not really a hardcore trackdriver, but slowly getting into that as well. His favourite car at the moment: Lambroghini Gallardo (in white)

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