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Nürburgring relaxation video

December 24th, 2010 - Filmography

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Merry Christmas all Nürburgring-freaks! Here is a looping black&white video of totally empty track. Use this to fall into sleep on your couch after all the Christmas eating. Video has originated from the earlier post of Nissan GTR Nürburgring lap.

Download the 1.1Gb High Definition version for ultimate experience.

4 Responses to “Nürburgring relaxation video”

  1. Niko Says:

    I’m loving it!

  2. Petteri K Says:

    Again impressive and definitely relaxing, it’s almost hypnotic too see the driver to master the Green Hell corner after corner.

    btw, the music. I was only wondering why the singer lady is obviously craving for Nismo -parts at 0:20 and 0:24.

  3. Chris Sansone Says:

    Stumbled across your site from a post that used it as an example of web design. That it is, and the video is phenomenal.

  4. 3d Vision Studios Says:

    awesome video very relaxing also awesome web design. Love all the fancy cars learning to model cars right now so that I can make my own cool car animations

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