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Nürburgring Trip 2009

July 19th, 2009 - Trips

M3 E46 at Nordschleife

Like most of the years now, we spent 2 weeks in the Eifel mountain village between 24.6.-6.7.2009. Most from the group travelled again from Finland via Finnlines ferry and some came from central Europe. Again we had rented our usual “Casa” and met there on Wednesday afternoon. Few cars went straight to our trusted garage at ProSport to have the regular brake and wheel stuff sorted before the evening’s TF time.

Weather on this trip was something totally unbelievable. Usually the mountain weather is rainy and cold, but not this time! We enjoyed two weeks of sunshine, warmth and dry track time.

Our BMW team also found a new place to fix the cars, Schirmer Racing. Tom, the guy running the place, was very well connected and had so much insight about how to tune the suspensions for the Nordschleife, that we probably will use his services for the years to come. One of our E46 M3 had his solid bushing kit installed to the car and the difference that made was huge, without sagrificing the everyday usability by having unwanted noices. This kit is now in our opinion one of the very best tunes for E46 M3 suspension and at Nordschleife that is a huge gain when you can trust the car in difficult corners. Also our roadster member had his Z4 tuned by G-Power kompressor kit, which improved the top speed at SX with more than 10km/h, now keeping up with basic Carrera’s on the straights. More on this tune later.

Anyway, here are now the anticipated photos from this trip. Thanks Niko for lending the awesome 1D MkIII and 100-400mm L IS for the shoots!

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  1. Sam Says:

    Any idea of when you going to be at the ring in 2010?

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