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BMW Z4 Incar @ Nürburgring

July 30th, 2009 - Filmography

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Just a normal lap of the Nordschleife in a early Sunday morning. Still rubbing my eyes at Tiergarten after only being awake for 30min before the lap, shouldn’t miss morning coffee but what can you do. Example of a first lap of the day where even driving fast I’m not taking any chances at braking, before knowing if there are wet spots or fluids at the track. Few slower cars and one bike lead to lifting at places which would be flat, but better to be safe than sorry. Also there is a bunny at Aremberg running across the track :)

Car is G-Power supercharger powered BMW Z4 3.0i, with totally stock suspension and non-RFT street tires. Only other modifications are bigger E46 330ci brakes with Pagid RS-29 pads and some Motul RBF600 fluid.

Video is taken with Sony 1080i HDV cam, data for the video was takeng from Racelogic PerformanceBox, then using RaceChrono and RaceChrono2Avi to build a video file of the speed, distance and laptime.

Download the HD version for better experience!

9 Responses to “BMW Z4 Incar @ Nürburgring”

  1. Toni Says:

    Little bit disappointed about the missing “whining” noise of supercharger. Quality video and driving though :)

  2. Pasi Says:

    Toni: Thanks, but it’s not a Cooper S :)

  3. pjotr Says:

    so did the skyline overtake you at the main straight?

  4. Pasi Says:

    On Tourist driving day there is no main straight, it ends at the Audi R8 sign. On the straight it would be just math, which I already found at school quite boring ;)

  5. Jorge Says:

    Great driving! Almost no drift even though the traction control was off… Can’t believe the amount of fire that was coming out of that Skyline though, maybe “overtuned”?

  6. Fran_lfc Says:

    Awesome! really nice driving, nice to car and superb video quality!

  7. milen Says:

    Very cool video, amazing!

  8. Vladimir Geurten Says:

    Good looking video, nice effort imbedding the speed!

    Lines look really good, only a tickle too early, (old start-finish, AF) on some if my observation was correct? Either way, good driving, keep it up! Good job.

  9. Kees Bunk Says:

    Very impressive and great clean driving!

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