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TwinZ – “Hey it’z me… but it’z new!”

April 27th, 2009 - Photography


It’s 22:35 and I’m cruising in the center of Munich on a Sunday night. Roof down, smelling the summer wind which is quite strong tonight, I happen to drive past the extraordinary BMW Welt. Outside the building I see something blue, looks like a Z4. Switching the indicator right and pulling besides the blue Z-car I notice something different about this one. It’s like mine, but it’s new. New generation I mean, so I decide to pull out the good old Canon 20D and take some photos of the 2nd generation Z4 besides the original one. I guess this is one of the first times to really see the two cars beside each other, so enjoy the difference.


2 Responses to “TwinZ – “Hey it’z me… but it’z new!””

  1. Kaizu Says:

    Excellent comparison Pasi! Thanks for the unforeseen pics.

  2. Ileee Says:

    I’m sure enjoying these pictures! Personally, those rims on the older Z4 are perfect. I like the very clean rear end of the older one more than the somewhat cramped looking new one. The older one had less going on in the tail and it worked better. Both cars are still stunning!

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