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International Porsche Track Day Estonia 2008

August 15th, 2008 - Trips

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In the beginning of August we headed to Estonia from Finland. This was a small vacation for us so track driving and sunny beaches were in our minds.

Our experienced friends from Porsche Racing Club of Finland had a lot of positive to say about the Audru track near Pärnu so this event called International Porsche Track Day Estonia 2008 was just what we hoped for – an interesting event to test the track and see the life in the summer capital of Estonia.

The 100 minute boat trip from Helsinki to Tallin was crowded with fast Finnish Porsches – most cars where with Clubsport package and semislick tires so they were as ready as their owners for some track fun.

Right after the 100 km drive to Pärnu all of us had a positive vibe! It seems that Pärnu is the place to be in Estonia on summer time and there was a lot of entertaiment on and off the beach…

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The Track Day event itself started the day later with drive through the city. Every car was stickered with car numbers and sponsors as well as Porsche flags were given to each car.

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That certaintly made the atmosphere more exciting! Sports cars were not that usual there and we got a lot of positive looks, thumbs ups and cameras pointing towards us.

We soon arrived to the Audru track, where the guys installed transponders to cars. The driver of the fastest lap will be getting a set of f Pilot Sport Cup tires by the main sponsor Kummimees.

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The track was very good – it was a short one (2.2 km) but there were no boring slow sections! Also the lack of barriers and tire walls was a relief. In the pit area there was music playing and snacks and drinks provided.

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Once in a while there was a bit too much traffic for a clean lap but we didn’t care, we were driving for fun with some drifts as well =)

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The fastest driver was Tarmo with the Green 997 GT3 RS so the grand prize stayed in Estonia.

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After the track duty a dinner was served with great celebrations. Once again a good surprise was photo albums given to each participant. And the after party….well that’s a whole another story! :D

Special thanks to James Herne of Porsche Club Estonia for arranging this wonderful event.

We will definately be back there, thanks again James!

The times: http://www.porsche-club.ee/?id=94343

More pics by Sergei Zjuganov who kindly provided us the pics: http://sergeizjuganov.com/yritused/2008_08_02_porschetrackday/

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  1. Stig Says:

    Porsches are the most beautiful cars in the world :x

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    Hello guys. Awesome site with a lot of really great material. All those photos are great.
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