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Carfreaks Alastaro 8.8.2008

August 11th, 2008 - Track

This time things got wet on track. Not a lot of cars with us but still every 997 GT3 RS of Finland attended!

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  1. Juha Says:

    Thanks guys for inviting me for the outing! It was really nice to finally get to meet some of you and I had a blast riding shotgun in many of the unbelievable cars.
    What a great way to reduce my Porsche fever (waiting on my 993 to arrive from the US).

    Also, special thanks to Erkka for letting me get some hot laps in the super fast 997tt of his. I swear that thing must have a nuclear power plant behind the rear seats. =)
    Michelin Cup tires on a damp track didn’t help much either, but we had fun times!

    Can’t wait for the next event so I can attend with my own 911!



    Ps. Niko, nice photos and nice driving man!!

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