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RingRunners of Sweden in Finland again!

July 2nd, 2008 - Track

The Swedes had booked two rather different circuits called Ahvenisto and Alastaro.


We joined these days with a couple of Ferraris and Porsches.

The RingRunners boss Tomas had once again arranged excellent excitement and entertainment!

At the moment we are enjoying the summer season with different cruises and track days. It seems the event worth mentioning here was the RingRunners Days!


The driving took most of our times so we have only a couple of pics by Toni to show from the first day. Anyway these days were a big success for us.

Sports car hobby cannot get much better than this – great cars, great people, great driving. Oh did I mention the beautiful weather as well? The only downside were the rather heavy fuel and tire bills after these days =)


Lap times were low (a first timer Jonas going under 1.30 minute at Ahvenisto with his 993 RS is an amazing example of that!) and the atmosphere was excellent.

Hopefully we are able to join their days in Sweden! Swedes rock!

ps. My thanks goes to Lars for the memorable Ferrari-experience as well.

7 Responses to “RingRunners of Sweden in Finland again!”

  1. Jonas Says:

    Ahvenisto was great fun – in our view a smaller version of Nurburgring and Alastaro was great for high speed cornering although I had problems with grip so I could only do a 1min 27.7sec lap

    Outstanding 2 day event and we will definitely be back!!!

  2. Juha Says:

    Nice! I enjoyed seeing photos of such nice Porsche’s but hey, where the heck are all the photos of the 993RS? That’s gotta be the nicest car out there among the 7GT3RS!
    In one of the photos can see a glimpse of what seems to be a 993RSCS wing in speed yellow. Is that the car? Is it a real RSCS? Need more info!

    -Fellow 993’er

  3. Jonas Says:

    Yes, that is the car and it is a real 993 RS Clubsport (one of approx. 100-150 left)
    Inceidentally, the times posted are on three year old Michelin Pilot Sport cups and put it this way, the brakes are due for a complete overhaul…
    Shortly, the car will have plastic doors as well and thereby reducing the weight from 1200kg to approx. 1150kg
    Search on youtube for GT Polonia 2007 and you will find some in-car footage of the car.

    If only one could fit a GT3 engine to the car…

  4. Kaizu Says:

    Juha, we really had a lack of pics this time but thankfully I found a couple now. These mediocre pics of an excellent car have just been added to the first gallery page!

    The 993 RS Clubsport is one of the best ever available cars…

    Jonas, which manufacturer makes the plastic doors?
    And if more power is needed, there are always solutions for the thrilling N/A engine like: http://ninemeister.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=52&Itemid=9


  5. Juha Says:

    Jonas, a real RSCS, that’s awesome! That there is a really rare care!
    My 993 is extensively modified (beyond RS spec) but the engine is still stock. I have been looking at the 9meister package with billet heads, new pistions etc. but coming from a 6GT3, I think I wouldn’t be happy with anything else than a blown motor on the 993. I will probably source a used 993tt engine and do a full GT2 conversion.
    Then some day I will ad a 7GT3RS next to it.
    Hope to see your 993 at the track one day!

  6. Jonas Says:


    I have two sets of extra plastic doors for the car. See the following advert (text in Swedish though);


    One set of doors (the ones pictured) have a window frame and are real lighweight. These doors are brand new and come complete with rearview mirrors, macrolon windows. Second set, not pictured are from a car so are painted in grand prix white. These do not have a window frame but are also complete with rearview mirros and macrolon windows.

    Call me if you are interested

    +46 708 44 8637

  7. Jonas Says:

    I too have been looking at the possibility of powerupgrading the car. I have heard both good and bad things about Ninemeister. I guess question is about durability. If it was that easy to extract so much extra power why did not Porsche od it themself?

    My preferred but most complicated option would be to find a GT3 engine and replace the oilcooler with a watercooler. The easiest option is as you say a 993TT engine. Finding these is not easy. I thought I had found one last year, came from a rolled 1997 993TT with 8500km on it for SEK 135 000 complete. But it sold before I could get round to looking at the car and verifying the KM.

    All the best


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