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From the dark forests of Finland…

June 11th, 2008 - Filmography
Kelleners K3

After this season’s first Carfreaks-Nürburgring trip we are already waiting for suitable times for the second one.

The black E46 M3 driver ml is our Nürburging-Professional who has done countless trips to the world’s most dangerous track.

The knowledge of the track and the skill of driving he has is excellent; he was the first to achieve sub 8 minute lap time from our group. You really have to know your M3 inside out for that kind of speed.

We are not usual Ringers who drive there from Germany or UK – we actually come really far away from the dark forests of Finland.

With this speciality in mind we give you this video made by Lauri where ml has once again fired up his Kelleners-Sport M3 nicknamed K3 and is ready for the trip:

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See you there!

2 Responses to “From the dark forests of Finland…”

  1. Teknoloji Platformu Says:

    that’s sound great.. :)

  2. Веселин Тодоров Says:

    Lol! I want this car right now! :)

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