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Carfreaks goes hybrid ?

December 3rd, 2007 - Filmography

The Lexus LS600h can be nick named as hybrid hyper car. Why there’s a video about this kind of luxury vehicle on our sports car based site is an interesting story.

In the beginning of 2008 the outrageous car taxation of Finland will become even more ridiculous. The taxes will be based heavily and progressively on CO2-emissions, so the electric/fuel-powered Lexus sounds like a really interesting option!

First of all, we all agree it’s very important to cut down the emissions. Because of high car taxation, people don’t have the option to acquire a new environmentally-friendly cars, and they just continue putting a lot of miles to their 15 year old pieces of junk in daily traffic. Next year, prices of most cars will go down a bit, and everybody seems to be cheering for this. At the same time, the sports cars will become really expensive.


A valid example might be the Ferrari F430 which will get almost € 100000 added to its list price… and it’s “only” the entry-level Ferrari! No one on earth can insist that the Ferrari is a € 100000 worse choice for the environment. There’s really not a lot of Ferrari’s around because of the already high prices, and they also don’t get driven a lot to produce any significant emissions. So you just have to pay a heavy fine if you want to own a sports car.


Another example is the all-new BMW M3, priced now at some massive € 12000 more. As if the earlier list price of over € 100000 wouldn’t scare most away. When you add the same ridiculous tax level to the additional equipment, everybody should start viewing sports car owners as a great warm-hearted charity persons…

This doesn’t mean good for the sports car culture, but oh no, we won’t give up! :) Next year will be amazing and there’s a good reason for many to upgrade their garages with the old prices before January.


But enough of this rant and back to Lexus. It’s full of technology and luxury. You notice immediately the smooth engine & transmission combination thanks to those electric motors. Led headlights and an advanced navigation system with very clever parking assist, touch screen and a hard drive for music are only some of the details that I can remember from the inside. Not to mention the endless options in the back seat – whether it’s about fine tuning the suspension, audio or seat to suit your mood… Great pleasure.

It’s been a while with any new videos so Niko decided to make one, starring him as the driver and Mikko as a busy businessman, which he actually is nowadays. :)

Thanks for this and for the rest, this is the truth about Finland in November. It’s a bit too cold, dark and quiet. Can’t wait for the spring to come!

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1 Response to “Carfreaks goes hybrid ?”

  1. Petteri K Says:

    In 2:53 people who are familiar with Helsinki Corporate Finance scene can spot that somebody at Enska is enjoying an allnighter.

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