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Every weather super cars

October 28th, 2007 - Drives
If you want to enjoy your automobile, you have to use it. No matter what the conditions are!

Often the best way to enjoy is to drive your favorite track or road when the weather is nice. But with modern sports cars, a rain storm or even a snow storm (with proper tires) doesn’t hold you back.

We don’t have always sunshine in Finland but for a true carfreak, the sports car hobby doesn’t stop there. These cars are enjoyable to drive in every weather, the experience is different but still so fun – and a lot more challenging.


Anyway this sunday afternoon we headed to twisty routes. It started to rain so curves demanded constant driver control and we had to be alert with the feedback the cars gave us.

Our drive ended up to Pickala Golf Club, where these autumn photos were taken by Teemu and Niko – along with a lot of car talk from the owners.


Here’s the link to the gallery: http://carfreaks.net/photos/everyweathersupercars/

It’s great to see these cars being used and not only as garage queens. Actually driving and experiencing your super car doesn’t mean abusing it.

Thanks for all the participators and we sure continue this next year…Without you this wouldn’t be possible!


By the way, to celebrate Forza Ferrari and Kimi’s recent F1 world championship 2007, the big Ferrari flag Christer had in his F430 Spider was an amazing sight in normal sunday traffic! :)

Best regards,


5 Responses to “Every weather super cars”

  1. ESu Says:

    Forza Kaizu! Excellent happening and editorial conclusion as well!

  2. Speedou Says:

    That just so amazing! Specially in Finland. Very good work Kaizu and big thumb up for all the participators!

  3. cp@speedvine Says:

    I’m very glad to see these cars being used in such a fashion. When you pay that kind of money using it as a garage queen is, IMO, bad. Great photo’s and glad to hear nobody lost control of their car in such dreadful weather.


  4. KeaneFreak Says:

    Great job guys. (I love the F430 Spyder.)

  5. KenneFreak Says:

    Go ferrari

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