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The Shipment

March 1st, 2007 - Lifestyle

As the weather is still freezing outside, roads covered with ice and the DSC light keeps blinking in your dash, the carfreaks are preparing for the summer. I’m quite sure, that most of the carfreaks honestly hate winter for the horrible driving conditions it throws at you. You rarely get the same kicks as you do in the summer. But there is also something good in all this too. As there simply is nothing else to do in winter, you have time to surf the internet for various stores and forums, researching for ways to improve your car. Pasi has taken this to the extreme with his E30 M3 project, and has not been seen much after he started working with it. Other carfreaks are also improving their already great rides, maybe not in the same scale as Pasi is, but clearly there is quite a bit going on. The finnish winter is the proving ground for us, although you don’t get to see the results before the summer arrives. I’m sure everybody is anxiously waiting for the summer, I am for sure.

Some weeks ago, we organized a group order from Orange-Tuning, a great online-store located at germany and has already proved to be one of the best online suppliers we know. We have bought bunch of stuff from there, the guy who runs it has always kept his word and the service is brilliant. We have had several bad experiences with other places, and can strongly recommend Orange. The latest order must have been one of the biggest group orders we have ever done, it contained everything from suspension kits to body parts. The shipment finally arrived today, and since this time we didn’t have a proper place to receive a package this big, we decided to make an attack to Schenkers’, unpack our shipment and just take eveyrything with us. Everyhing within the huge parcel was wrapped very carefully and all the packages inside were individually tagged with recipient names. It was a nice surprise indeed as there was no hassle about which packet belonged to whom. Here are some pictures, the activity looks kind of funny:


The operation didn’t take too long, as the members stuffed all of their parts inside their cars and took off. I’m sure we will see posts about the parts received from some of the freaks. With this shipment, I finally received my H&R stabilizers and I’m very eager to install them and see what happens. I’ll probably do a little post about that too..

With this entry, we’re proud to introduce yet another feature for our site: the tuning meter. It’s reset to 0 every year, take a look on the right side of garage where we’re at right now!

That’s all folks, just tought a little sneak to our winter activities would be nice! Once again, a big “Thank You!” to Frank at Orange-Tuning who really knows how to do business. :)

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  1. Aleksi M Says:

    I’m rather eager to see the resaults and hopefully some photographs of the modifications!

    Keep up the posting!

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