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The journey has begun

March 7th, 2007 - Speedou's M Coupe

Let’s make it clear. I love rear wheel driven cars. My driving style tends to involve a little bit of oversteer on the corners – and sometimes a bit more ;) Not saying that I’m a drift king of any kind, but I really enjoy driving sideways. Having said this, it should not be a surprise that I have always wanted a RWD car. However, because of financial and other problems, I haven’t had a chance to buy one earlier – my previous cars have been with FWD and 4 cylinder turbo engines.

The M Coupe is something that I had never been into earlier. Even though I loved Kaizu’s Z3 straight away, I didn’t care too much about the M Coupe’s. Always just the E36 and E46 M3’s. When it was my time to look for a serious car for myself, there weren’t that many choices available in my price range. The E46 M3 was too expensive. The Nissan 350Z was a very interesting option though, I just loved that on my test drive – one of the easiest cars to drive sideways. But the engine was boring and there was just that something missing.

After a while, it was time to go to the Ahvenisto track once again. And Mikko was there with his amazing M Coupe. And damn it looked good and mean. I took a few laps on the passenger seat and really liked the car. There was something I had never noticed earlier about the car. Afterwards, I kept on checking our car markets daily and everyday stopped for one specific imola red one… and that was it.

I checked the car and all seemed to be fine. I also drove it to Mikko and let him take a closed look at it, and everything still checked out. So there I was: One of the happiest men on the world with stunning car. A funny detail was that the ‘freaks already knew the car – it used to belong to a friend of ours. He had brought the car from Germany when there was just 20 000km on the clock, and sold it after only 10 000km. Just one additional owner after that, and little bit under 70 000 total on the clock.

After a few weeks I took the car to a friend of mine who knows all about the BMW’s. His job was to do inspection 2, including changing all the oils and brake fluids. Unfortunately, there were some drawbacks at this point. The first was that 3 of the 4 dampers in the FK-coilover-set were ruined. The second that the brakes were totally at the end of the road. Other that these, the car seemed to be in perfect condition. No vanos sounds from the engine or anything other alarming. No body damage, disregarding a few very small paint scratches. All in all, I was more than happy.

Now the winter is starting to end and spring is coming. This means that the first track day is closer than you can believe. My car should be in good condition and ready to attack. There’s of course still a lot of things to do and improve with the car. Luckily I should have plenty of time and years left together with the car. Some day when I can afford a nice every day cruiser, I hope to do the same to the M Coupe that Pasi is doing with his unbelievable E30 M3!

2 Responses to “The journey has begun”

  1. Mikko Says:

    I remember the day when one of your cars previous owners was driving this red beast on alastaro race track and the car was unbelievable beauty in my eyes. I guess there is still pics in our gallery from that event, it was a few years ago.

    But congratulations again, M Coupe is a great fun!

  2. Masa Says:

    Congratulations for stunning car!!!
    I know that you have waited and hoped something like that for years and finally your dreams are fullfilled. I wish you lots of happy kilometres with the beast :)

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