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SRT8 – Defying the Laws of Physics

March 24th, 2007 - Photography

It was a late tuesday evening in february when delta came to me and said “grab your jacket and lets go”. If you know the guy you immediately know that something special is up. I grabbed my HDV-camera and followed him outside. That day the weather was simply horrible, it was dark and we had just been hit by a small snow blizzard. I noticed something very big and dark sitting in the parking lot. “This is it” delta said as we walked torwards it, he had finally received his new SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, replacing his old regular Grand Cherokee winter car. Before getting in, I took a small walk around the car. The first things you notice are the huge brembo brakes, a big exhaust sticking from the rear and a small SRT8 badge on the boot. They are clues that there is something serious going on with this car. I find it strange that lately I’ve been attracted to SUV’s so much. Maybe I have been watching Entourage too much, but they are just so cool and are easily turned into a bling-machines. They are the perfect cars to cruise around with friends and go to a party.


Delta turned the key and a small storm was born and thrown out from the huge rear exhaust tips, the sound is nice and harsh, but somehow a bit too restrained for my taste. I jumped in and immediatelly noticed how the interiors have been remarkable improven over the the older models. Still there are the usual cheap plastics and some ugly switches which american car manufacturers cant seem to get rid off. As I said earlier the weather was horrible and the Jeep had some serious problems getting grip from the icy roads. To be honest I didnt know much about the SRT8’s performance when I jumped in, and I could feel that there is lot’s of power frustratedly trying to find some grip.

As we got on a highway that was just sprayed with salt, delta pressed the pedal and the power was delivered with a HUGE ROAR sound, the rear immediatelly came lose and he was forced to ease up. The SRT8 has a 6.1 liter HEMI V8 engine, which produces 425bhp and 569Nm of torque. The way this thing goes seems just so unbelievable when you realize how big this car really is, it weights 2220kg and is almost 4,8 meters long! I kid you not, this thing is scary! The factory says it will take five seconds from stand still to 100km/h, but the American car manufacturers have the strangest way to undervalue acceleration. The realistic figures are closer to 4.8 seconds, which is the same as the Corvette C6. And as Delta just happens to own one of those too, we might just prove this fact in the summer. I cant wait to see how this car will handle in dry roads and proper summer tires.

As we were cruising around, Tommy called us and asked what we were up to. He wanted to come take some pictures of the beast, so we picked him up and stopped to take some night-pictures.


As I had my videocamera with me, I once again made a short “behind the scenes” clip of our small photoshoot. It was a fun night and I believe we will be seeing this “winter car” in summer too. I hope you enjoyed this little story.

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6 Responses to “SRT8 – Defying the Laws of Physics”

  1. Audiophile Says:

    Awesome car. Something I would love to test. Although it’s as far from a nimble racer as possible it still has something that I find great… the size, looks and sound that just screames “get out of my way!”. SUV with something to offer for a carfreak. Maybe it’s the Entourage-thing too that Lauri mentioned :D

    Congratulations Delta

  2. Chief Grand Cherokee Says:

    I’m still saving up to get a new SRT8 Grand Cherokee. Everything I’m hearing about this monster SUV is making me very excited!

  3. jdemello Says:

    Wow looks sweet. Do you know if those were winter tires and if so what kind? Also id like to know the size and type of alloys. Any info would be great.


  4. Bystander Says:

    jdemello: Tires look like Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 and wheels are definitely MAK G-Five, which are available in either 20″ or 22″ size: http://www.makwheels.it/IMP0000000033.asp

  5. Grand Hustler Says:

    This is the Godzilla congrats for SRT8 and have fun…..

  6. Grand Hustler Says:

    by the way, please someone tell me the song name played on the video

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