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Working under the hood of the new carfreaks.net

February 7th, 2007 - Lifestyle

It’s just matter of a few days until the public release of the new carfreaks.net site. There’s still plenty to do until we are ready, but looks like we’ll make it. This will be the 1.0 release of the site, and while it may look complete, it is far from that. Work will immediately continue to bring even more content and features online. Being the perfectionists that we are, I doubt that we’ll ever be fully satisfied with the results. On the other hand, this has the benefit of pushing ourselves to fix the parts of the site we don’t like.

As already mentioned, the site is now powered by WordPress and Gallery2. Both brilliant examples of what the open source community can provide at it’s best. I wasn’t involved in the original decision to use these, but after I jumped in during the alpha phase of the site, both of these made it very easy to do what needed to be done – to customize the site to our own liking.

Obviously a lot of the content on the site is our own design and coding – the latter being the part where I was involved. Having been already familiar with both PHP and Mysql made this sound like an easy task from the technical skills point of view, and while it mostly was so, problems and frustrations were not that rare either. Even though I am also employed in the IT industry, building the site was far enough from my regular work to keep it interesting.

I haven’t really kept track, but during the course of this about one and a half months, I guestimate that I have put together nearly (or who knows, maybe even over) 100 hours to this project. Now the question that remains is – who do I send the bill to? ;)

2 Responses to “Working under the hood of the new carfreaks.net”

  1. Lauri Says:

    I have to say, you have been a great addition to the web-team, I know it’s sometimes hard to make layouts work technically, as the “all knowing layout maestro’s” have planned. :)

    Most people only see the the visual side of a website, but you have to remember that there is so much behind it. You really have to give Moogie and Pasi credit for the the great job.

  2. Mr. T Says:

    Most definately the best looking website on the net. Awesome work! Keep the good articles coming.. :D

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