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Welcome to the new carfreaks.net

February 11th, 2007 - Lifestyle

It is here finally. After several months of hard work, sleepless nights and uncountable number of refreshment drinks: the new carfreaks.net.

It all started from the creative team’s vision that our public front, the carfreaks.net, needs a major update. The vision was quickly crystallized into the importance of high quality content. During the past years web publishing tools have developed significantly and the team wanted to rebuild the site completely to support easy content publishing. Looking at the result, you just have to admit that they were spot on with that vision!

So the site will consist of different articles in form of blogs, videos, photos and other carfreaks lifestyle related stuff. At the time of opening we don’t have the full coverage ready, but at least you should check what’s going on with Pasi’s serious track tool project. Stay tuned for more. Also you may want to know what can happen to a guy who just visits Nurburgring Nordschleife on a holiday trip. More details in Moogie’s blog.

High quality carfreaks photos and videos are available like previously, but in a more accessible and easy to browse format. Garage has also been completely rewritten. Much more information about carfreaks’ cars and all the best photos are accessible directly from the garage.

This little preparation probably has already created a vision for you of what the new carfreaks.net is about. It’s not just fancy cars, various events, private track days or great photographers. All these are important, but still we want to see Carfreaks being something more.. like a lifestyle society. This site is created for that purpose. We want to welcome all the people who share the same interests to say hello both here in the net and in whatever occasions you may run into us. We are always interested to have more people with same vision and interests to join and to contribute to the community.

I want to wrap this up by thanking all the people who have made this possible. The creative team: Pasi, Lauri, Tommy, Niko and Huttunen. The engineers who have built the technical backend for all the content and beautiful appearance: Moogie and Pasi. And finally to the board colleagues who have believed in the concept and who have had a big role in creating the carfreaks society: Axcu, Bigi, Jarska, Kaizu, Lauri and Pasi.

Please let us know what you think about the new carfreaks.net by leaving a comment to this post. We want the site to be like our home. We do appreciate all the comments, but please keep them ‘professional’ to minimize the need for moderation.

So welcome and enjoy!

On the behalf of Carfreaks board,

PS. Front page image will change every day. I’ve seen few of them and believe me they are worth of viewing.

15 Responses to “Welcome to the new carfreaks.net”

  1. Kaizu Says:

    I’m so happy about the new site! :) Perhaps this is a good time to thank everybody in our community. We’ve become good friends in other aspects of life so “a lifestyle society” isn’t that foolish description. But we won’t stop here, this is where it all just begins so keep an eye on the site in the future.

    By the way, if interested I suggest you to browse through the older photo galleries, many of them are now online with comments.

  2. km Says:

    I’d still be here even if the site would look like plain black text on white background cos i luv your material. But this new layout… WOW! I’ve lost my words. This is the best looking web site on the internet. And now even much more practical and easier to use. I’m struggling to think of anything wrong with it — it’s perfect.

    Congratulations and keep on good working!

    Your biggest fan.

  3. keimol Says:

    Wow, seriously good layout.

  4. Ben Says:

    WOW! Not only is the website design cool, but CF’s philosophy is spot-on!

    I hope to contribute as well in the form of technical discussions…

    So a big “hello” from southern France!

    See you soon,

  5. Mike Says:

    What a beautiful site. Such an artistic and yet useful layout. I’m very glad to have stumbled across this site – it is one I will check back upon frequently. Really really top notch stuff

  6. Chakibrull Says:

    Great !! Thanks for this huge update, it’s really nice to see CF living again ;)

  7. Davide Says:

    Good work, guys!
    As usual, great photos and a very nice site.

    Thumbs up!

  8. Birdman Says:

    G’Day guys,

    You have taken the tools at your disposal and created a masterpiece, an ode to fine automobiles, exhilirating driving, stunning photography and breathtaking cinematography.
    You have molded and intergrated them to create one of the finest and yet at the same time fluid and calm performance experiences to be found on the internet.

    It is a tribute to every person who has had an infuence on what this site has become.

    A devoted and longtime disiple of the house of CARFREAKS!!! from Australia

    Cheers guys, maybe one day I will get to the ‘Ring……..one day :)

  9. Lauri Says:

    Thank you all for your comments, and please keep them coming. All the feedback is important for us.

    Our web-team is already working hard on some new additions to the site, we will tell you more about this later. As for now, we hope you enjoy visiting our site!

  10. M76 Says:

    It’s good to see an update of the site, but I expected something well, less offensive. I mean I liked the old look greatly, and this new somehow while very nice indeed, I think it just can’t compete with the previous. The background image seems out of place because the text is just put on it without a frame on the main page. It seems odd to me. And also the old was more convenient to navigate, this new navigation style is just not as sophisticated as it used to be. I hope it will be improved, to match or even outclass the previous.

  11. evoIX Says:

    I have to agree with M76’s post. The new navigation isn’t as good as the previous CF site. It took a while to find most of the blogs.

  12. Moogie Says:

    Thank you for the feedback – we are open to constructive criticism just as well. We are planning a few minor adjustments for some parts of the navigation, but for the most parts, I think we’ll keep it as it is for now.

    If you can specify in detail which parts of the navigation feel confusing and/or difficult (and why), please do let us know. I can’t promise that we’ll be able to do anything about it, or that we even want to, but the feedback is still important to us none the less.

  13. milo Says:

    Amazing website, wonderful pictures, I’m a developer of WP Themes, but this one here rocks my socks. And the cars….

  14. Ezzy Says:

    Looks Aaaamazing. Great work :)

  15. KeaneFreak Says:

    I love this site. Love the graphic quality. Great HTML skills guys. Love the cars.

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