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The Queen of icy tracks.

February 12th, 2007 - Drives

The latest Audi RS4 is a dream come true in an icy and cold country such as Finland. The engine generates 420hp with 430Nm torque and the engine hits the redline at 8250 Rpm. The car weighs 1650kg and combined with the horse power you get 254 power/ton. These figures accelerate the car to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. It hits the top speed limiter at 250km/h. The dream atmosphere is however dampened by a high price tag which is set to 115 200€ in Finland.


Getting the keys in my hand and walking to the car. I check the renowned exterior before the long awaited moment. I open the door and climb in to the narrow space between the steering wheel and the high side sections of the bucket seat. The interior is familiar from Audi’s other cars. There have not been any extensive changes. I see the familiar indicators and center console in front of me so making the changes to my driving position is easy. My hands get great grip on the nicely designed steering wheel. Shifting up to first and i’m set to go!


First I need to have some gas so that my test drive won’t stop before it gets started. Getting on carefully as it stops. The RS4 needs more throttle than I had expected with a gas guzzling 4.2 liter engine. Having learnt from my mistake I’m on my way. Engine growling beautifully at the back and the ride feeling great, it is delightful to drive around the small streets of Herttoniemi. When the road opens up. I´m ready to press the small S-button located at the steering wheel. This tightens the high side sections of the bucket seat, opens the exhaust tube whole open and makes the engine respond more rapidly to the throttle. Sounds get much better and the car responds much faster although I can’t feel anything happening with the bucket seat. I tried this several times but I just couldn’t feel anything. According to the speedometer the car accelerates really fast but the feeling of high speed acceleration will not affect the driver as it should. Going into the bend the car does exactly the thing that the driver wants it to do, the grip is incredible, even on a snowy road.

Altogether the Audi RS4 is a great family sports car it would be better suited to being classed as a business sport. The car is fast and powerful but it doesn’t create a sensation of speed while driving. Stiff suspension and all wheel drive gives fantastic drivability in spite of the surface of the road or season. The interior is a stylish design, the metal part of the steering wheel looks great although it does feel like cheap plastic. I’m sure the car comes alive at the track and gives a fierce feeling to its driver, but this time I couldn’t have the pleasure.

3 Responses to “The Queen of icy tracks.”

  1. ml Says:

    Good story and a nice car. It’s too bad that this seems to be the current trend in all major German car manufacturers, except maybe Porsche. The importance of smooth autobahn cruising in their requirements for new models seem to have grown.

    Did you by the way check what tires the RS4 had?

  2. Niko Says:

    No I didn’t and the pictures are too blurry.

  3. Speedou Says:

    I got a small ride in the RS4 and have to say that the engine really is masterpiece. Right from the start the torque is awsome. It was too slippery to tell anything else but when summer comes we will see that RS4 on our track days. What could be better place to test the car!

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