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The memories of summer cruising

February 18th, 2007 - Drives


It’s still winter but the sun has started shining so there’s a hint of the upcoming summer in the air. It’s going to be awesome, at least the last summer was!

Sunshine on my mind and an ice tea in my hand I sat down and started browsing through all the photos I took last summer. I like photographing but I’m more of a “point, shoot & forget” type of guy. What I first noticed is that I haven’t taken a lot of car pics. The reason is simple, we have excellent photographers with proper equipment amongst us so it would be pointless for me to focus on that part, the pics would be a bit out of focus anyway.

After searching the right folder on the hard disk I soon stopped to a date of June 16. Now I found some photos suitable for the site. So here are my memoirs of one day in June.

Because the weather was sunny the plan was simple: Get some sports car drivers together and have fun! It might sound a bit ordinary in the life of carfreaks but the rides were crazy. In a horrible car taxation country these kinds of vehicles are some of the finest and fastest rolling on our roads:


– Sepang Bronze BMW M6

– Rosso Corsa Ferrari F430 Spider

– Artic Silver Porsche 996 Carrera 4S

– Basalt Black Porsche 996 Turbo

– Iridium Silver MB E55 AMG

We started the cheerful drive in Espoo and the smiles just wouldn’t stop. I doubt I have ever had such much fun on normal Finnish roads when driving a Ferrari and following a 911 Turbo, or vice versa!


For a carfreak these cars are so enjoyable in many aspects that I’m in a lack of words. What I can say is that going all out with the right pedal as soon as you’re seated is the wrong way to seek the ultimate driving pleasure…


Our group experienced various kinds of roads, mainly quiet and twisty b-routes in the Uusimaa area. In the end we decided to head to the Helsinki city centre to see what’s going on in the night life. The sounds of a revving Ferrari or a boosting 911 Turbo with straight pipes were something crazy in the night! Speed limits and traffic safety guaranteed that only the first gear was used for the thrilling sounds.

My biggest thanks go to all the great people involved. You know who you are ;)

By the way, Ferrari F430 Spider is THE driving experience :)

2 Responses to “The memories of summer cruising”

  1. Söde Says:

    Beatufilul cars, beautiful weather, what else can you hope for! The Ferrari must be a brutal beast but still the Porsche is the one for me. Can´t wait for the warm weather to be back!

  2. Jr Says:

    Great stuff to read! I just can’t wait to get to track days next summer, nor can I wait driving in the lovely finnish summer nights! Excellent site and superb photos.

    cheers, Jr

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