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Pimp my Haldex

February 10th, 2007 - Masa's Audi A3

With the suspension and brakes taken care of (for now), the A3 had already transformed into a quite enjoyable track tool. For me that is. One major problem was unfortunately still present – understeer.

If you’ve driven any of the recent VW MkV platform cars (or most other VW cars to be more exact), it should come as no surprise that the chassis is tuned for safe understeer rather than oversteer. While this works fine for your everyday driving, it’s far from fun on the track. I’m not looking at massive oversteer either, but rather a balanced setup, with possibly a slight hint of oversteer.

Having heard good results of the Haldex HPP upgrade (if you are reading this – Hi Ben! :) ), a short while later I pulled the trigger myself too and ordered the upgrade. The Gen2 upgrade costs nearly the same as the older Gen1 upgrade, but has one big advantage over the latter – it’s possible to connect a switch to the unit, allowing one to switch between three different programs – stock, sport and race. I haven’t had time yet to install the switch, so I’m still running the default sport mode.

I had time to do only one good track session with the upgrade last summer, and this left me with slightly mixed feelings. There certainly was change in the balance of the car, but maybe not quite as much as I had hoped for. As winter came, and I got a chance to give it a try on the winter roads, I at last found out what I had paid for – I’ve never before had this much fun on a haldex powered car ;) I’m still hopeful that when I get the race mode enabled it will also provide even further help for the trackdays.

7 Responses to “Pimp my Haldex”

  1. Ben Says:

    Hello Car Freaks!

    Congratulations on a very cooool website… I look forward to coming here often!

    My “virtual” friend Moogie: we have spent so much time discussing the Haldex unit (GenII HPP), that I feel like I already know you. We REALLY need to get this switch installed…

    Maybe we should start a collective bet with you, “Waggin” in the USA, the guy in Poland and me ;-) 20 bucks each, and the first one with a working switch gets the pot!!

    Anyways, cool post, cool website, cool bunch of people: hope to meet you at the ‘Ring this ‘Spring!


  2. Moogie Says:

    Good idea Ben – the pot might just actually work ;) I’ll really try and get my lazy ass over to the local Audi dealer, and at the least order/purchase all the required parts. That’ll be then one step closer to getting this sorted out.

  3. Marvin Adelman Says:

    Any suggestion where to purchase the Haldex upgrade for a 2004 TT Quatro
    3.2 roadster?
    any infor would be appreciated

  4. Moogie Says:

    Marvin – It’s quite difficult to suggest anything without knowing your location. There are many companies that sell this upgrade worldwide. But just to give you an example, one of the most common one’s in the US seems to be HPA motorsports.

  5. Laui Says:


    Where can I buy this Haldex uppgrade system from Finland? Any ideas, how much it costs?

    I have a A3 170hp TDI quattro.

    Is there some disadvantages in that uppgrade – like guarantee ending or something for new car?

    Great website with nice quality pictures!

  6. Moogie Says:

    I have no knowledge on Finnish resellers for this product – nor on the price level in Finland. Your best bet would be just to ask around.

    For the warranty question – yes, sure, *any* aftermarket part will invalidate the warranty for that part of the car. If you blow your rear diff with this mod, you can be quite sure that Audi will at the least be asking questions. Unfortunately this is not an official Audi part, even though the upgrade comes from the manufacturer (Haldex) of the original part.

  7. vr6 Says:

    Yes,VW comes with an understeer which isn’t good for countries that has a lot of turns in the road.I have a MkIII and my country is full of mountains so road are quite tricky and you can have the feeling of the race track with the sharp turns.Lowered my ride to make it more stabile but wouldn’t mind a slight change on the steering,middle between under and oversteer would be the best.Which package do you recommend me to put on my MkIII?

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