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November dawn

February 16th, 2007 - Photography

After a warm start, the winter finally arrived to southern Finland as well. As the morning temperature was way beyond comfortable, three freaks were bold enough to go outside.


Me (Tommy), Lauri and Niko were heading northern Vantaa countryside to enjoy some narrow icy b-routes. We also packed our camera equipment along with us.

After cruising a while on the beautiful winding roads, we scouted an idyllic Finnish barn. This was the perfect time to put our cameras to good use. To get the car positioned in front of the barn proved to be a bit challenging, as the road was covered with lot’s of snow. But after a few tries, Niko finally got the car backed up in the right spot. He also created a foggy background by revving the engine a little bit, which created a nice effect in cold air, it really gave atmosphere for some of the photos (especially the one you see on the carfreaks frontpage from time to time).

We hit the road again and had no time to waste. The sun was already going down and we still had few locations to shoot. We were on the same roads last summer, and knew some good places to take photos. Previous experience has taught us that if you haven’t made any planning and scouting, you can easily waste many hours just driving and seeking for good locations.


As the roads were icy with some snow on top of them, Niko found the Z to be a bit of a handfull, as the rear didn’t want to travel on the back anymore, and kept coming on the side all the time. The fact that he was using non-studded winter tires, also didn’t help. Occasionally we had to give a little boost to get it moving. Here I’m helping again as Lauri was behind the camera, laughing at the scene.

The cold weather was also starting to effect the camera equipment, as the lcd screens were starting to get slow and the battery life cut down to hours. Lauri was having a hard time, as the 5D with a IS-lens and AI servo on, drained three full batteries in no time.

After the last shoot at the final location, the darkness had arrived and it was time to head home. While driving back to Helsinki on those little roads and listening music, we were feeling great relaxing sensation about this perfect moment, and felt that days like these are the best in the finnish winter.

Camera equipment used in here: Canon EOS 5D and EF 17-40mm f/4L USM.

Lauri also filmed couple of minutes on tape, and afterwards decided to made a quick “behind the scenes” of the photoshoot. It only covers couple of the locations and is a bit shaky because of the cold weather and as no tripod was used. This was not intented to be released, but we think it captures some of the atmosphere of a cold winter photoshoot.

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Special thanks to our good friend DJ Orkidea, who kindly supports us by providing his great tracks. Visit www.djorkidea.com and www.clubunity.org to find out more about this great finnish DJ!

6 Responses to “November dawn”

  1. T Says:

    Awesome car, awesome pictures. Just bloody awesome.

  2. Bryce Says:

    love the work guys.

  3. Pofke Says:

    I should say awesome photography – the car looks amazing in those shots :)

  4. Markie Says:

    Beautiful location and great shots. Also I like the soundtrack used on the video. Does anyone know the name of that track?

  5. Mike 350z Says:

    Why in the hell are you not parking this car in the winter? I would never keep mine out for the snowy season, treat her with some respect.

  6. CaSt82 Says:

    Heyy there!
    That’s a really stunning peace of photography! Are you also on deviantart?

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