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Building the new carfreaks.net…

December 25th, 2006 - Lifestyle

At the very early state of carfreaks activity, we have used web to keep the carfreaks entity alive, to give it a cornerstone to build our petrol filled dreams. The early versions of carfreaks.net were more focused to our members, keeping them up to date what was going on in carfreaks. As time passed by, people outside our group were starting to get curious of the mysterios carfreaks who appeared in the track-days and were spotted shooting photos in various locations in Finland. Who are they?

So at the next stages of carfreaks.net, we were more open to the public. The site featured most of our members cars, photographs, videos and some information of what carfreaks really is. This soon proved to be good direction of our web-based efforts, carfreaks.net was growing more popular than we had expected. This inspired our members to produce even more better quality media and content as we did before.

The problem we soon encountered with the previous carfreaks.net was the lack of time and material to produce content the way we planned. So with the new carfreaks.net we tried to keep our feet on the ground and did some serious planning to our web and video production.

The goal of the new carfreaks.net is to make it more flexible and automated. As the site is running on wordpress and gallery -software, the treshold of producing and publishing new content is smaller then ever before. As with every version of carfreaks.net, we wanted to make it visually our own style, pushing our talents with photoshop and CSS-styling. We also wanted the site to take benefit of new high resolution widescreen monitors, to bring more atmosphere using wide backgrounds, yet supporting the popular 1024 resolution in the width of the content.

Me and my brother are spending the christmas at Joensuu, 450km away from Helsinki. The quiet countryside christmas is a great opportunity to build the new carfreaks.net, away from our ordinary work rush. Usually we use our highend computer hardware and big ass monitors when making sites like these, it’s a bit struggle to use laptops which we brought with us. It’s a good thing we made the layouts earlier, it’s more CSS/HTML from here on.

As Pasi and Moogie had already done some of the functionality to the site, our job was to implement the new layouts. We have three laptops, two for building the site and one for testing it with smaller resolution and older version of internet explorer (IE6). A lot of time is “wasted” trying to fix things to work exactly the same way in each browser. Basically we are testing the site with IE6/IE7 and FireFox2.

Regardless of the fact that the new carfreaks.net layout is quite simple, customizing the gallery and wordpress software has proved to be a stressful task. We won’t be satisfied until everything looks just like we have designed in photoshop.

3 Responses to “Building the new carfreaks.net…”

  1. OviDIU M Says:

    Great quality site. Loved it from the firsts downloads. High resolution pictures and no stress in navigating it. Great videos (loved them all)! Keep it up guys!

  2. Miska Says:

    Hienoa sivua, taattua Multin laatua joskin normaalia hieman tummemmassa sävyssä,
    hyvä niin…;)
    Kerhonne ollessa “suljettu” miettisin ehkä foorumia sivulle, nyt kommentit leviää pitkin sivua.
    (Autokanta kuitenkin niin kiinnostavaa että kävijöitä varmasti riittää?)
    Videoista kyllä 10+,premierelläkö saa noin hienoa jälkeä?
    Samaan malliin vain!

  3. Ilya Says:

    Hello guys,

    It’s a WONDERFUL website! I’m really sorry I haven’t found it long ago. I really really enjoy it. Probably it’s a very best website design in 2007 as well!
    However I wonder if you’ll post more because it’s 2009 already but no updates since 2007 :(.



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