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Carfreaks at the Nürburging 2006

July 2nd, 2006 - Trips

It was simply sensational!

This spring’s Ring trip is done and we already miss the place!

I hope you can capture even a tiny bit of what we experienced during the time in Nürburgring by reading my story here at 6speedonline.com.

For more pics check out the Gallery.

We will be back again, that’s for sure. But the increased popularity of “tourist drives” gives you something to think about, there’s often too much traffic for ultimate driving pleasure:


3 Responses to “Carfreaks at the Nürburging 2006”

  1. Skaffa Says:

    Anyone at the Ring this Easter? Me and few friends will be there from 6th April.


  2. Kaizu Says:


    Not sure about the rest of the freaks but at least I won’t make it there this Easter :( Fortunately got a trip booked in late April! :)

    btw. You had a tuned E60 530d with quite great numbers?

  3. Skaffa Says:


    That’s me. :)

    This time I will have rental Z4, cause we fly to Cologne. :) or :( nut sure yet, lighter but less umpf.


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